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Friday, 27 March 2009

Prayers for South Africa

Last Friday our church at Janssensdal joined with countless others around the country in a National Day of Prayer for South Africa.

What was particularly incredible about this time of prayer is that with the exception of one or two, none of us really felt like being there. It's as though we were experiencing a spiritual drought in solidarity with the physical drought that was taking place in our area, notwithstanding God's bountiful answer to prayer for rain a mere month back. Yet somehow - as always - God came through, turning a battle of will and discipline into a blessed time of communion with God. We truly felt that God had not only heard our prayers for South Africa, but that the restoration of our country needed to start with the restoration of our own souls.

Here are the slides that we used to guide us through the time of prayer. The words and Scripture readings came from an e-mail sent to me by Africa Enterprise, with some minor adaptations.

Janssensdal Prayer for South Africa slides - 20 March 2009 (3.1 MB)

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